Avocado Replenishing Masque - 80g (C)


Model Avocado Replenishing Masque - 80g (C)
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Description of Product:

The great effectiveness of SKIN ROOTS Avocado Replenishing Masque is easily absorbed by the skin to achieve a deep nourishing, regenerating and rejuvenating effect, helps with sensitive, or dry skin.

Avocado enriched with antioxidants like Vitamin C and E could protect the skin.

Its rich texture that filled with the freshness of farm can greatly softens the skin and imparts a superior moisturizer effect making it ideal to use for people with dry, mature or dehydrated skin.

USAGE : Apply hydration toner before this masque is highly recommended.

Appy a sufficient amount of cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes and gently massage for a full absorption, rinse/wiped off the excessive extracts. Or, you may use it as sleeping mask, gently spread a thin layer of cream over clean & dry skin, leave on overnight, rinse off the next morning and wake up with a radiant and well rested skin.

Net weight: 80g