About Us

The Kin of your skin

Kin means one's family and relations.
We want products of Leafganic group to be the family of the skin, and build a close relationship with the customers.
A family will always be a family, and we are the priceless treasures for the customers.

Company Profile

  • Leafganic Group, established in Malaysia since 14th December 2018. We are focus in continuous develop formulation for health & skincare related product and provide a high social identity noble brand to worldwide consumers, and as a brand that living in your life.

  • Our products are mindfully formulated with passion and love. The finest quality ingredients are widely source worldwide and mainly focusing on plant based ingredients. The natural ingredients represent the elements of the brand and our products. We ensure the customer are using safe, healthy, and efficacy products.

  • For each of our unique brand, feel free to contact our professional consultants for introduction of our product range from and to guide on your selections.


Become the finest skincare companions for the customer.


  1. Embrace core values LGN to the consumers (Leadership, Global, Necessity).
  2. We train professional leaders in the field to provide professional consultation to consumers
  3. We aim in spreading the products, technology, information, and jobs across national borders and cultures
  4. We ensure skincare products to become a necessity in daily life.
  5. Maximize consumer’s skin to the highest conditions level.
Nicole Boon
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Founder & CEO
Nicole Boon

It all began with Nicole Boon – UK ACCA graduated, experience with managing and expertise in audit, accounting and finance. Passionate in beauty and skincare line, she has spent more than 4years in taking course for Organic Skincare Formulation in order to equip herself to have a better knowledge of products ingredients towards human’s skin.

Meanwhile, she started her online business with selling 3 kinds of Jelly mask that brought in from oversea, and continuing sourcing for greater products to serve her customers through these years. She has done one to one consultation for more than 1500 customers on their skin issues, doing product matching and answered their skin queries. From there on, Nicole started to formulate her own toner, make up remover, face moisturizer, shampoo, insect repellent balm and etc, with her knowledge and taking years in planning to set up her own skincare brand.

In year 2018, Nicole established a company - Leafganic Group and having the first brand, which is Skin Roots together with another 2 co-founders (Sherwei Ong and Stephanie Soon), both are very experienced in business and beauty related lines.

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