One Off Station - Sunscreen + Suncreen Removal


Model Skin Treatment
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This package consisted of :-

1. 1 unit 100 gram Dual Action Oil Free Cleanser

2. 1 unit 30 gram Creamy Nature Water Rich Sunscreen

This package is suitable for beauty lovers who care on their pores but hate using multiple bottles of skincare daily .

If you are putting on light make up daily to work including SUNSCREEN to protect our skin from harmful UV daily and want to rinse off the residual and dirt on face with just ONE STEP action, grab this package home!

This is our daily important step to make sure our light make up is cleansed and cleared to prevent clogged pores.

Benefits of this Oil Free Cleanser:

- Consisted of Algae, Cactus, Snow Fungus and Avocado extracts to prevent our skin getting dry.

- No tightening feel and leave the skin FRESH & CLEAN

- Bubbles made the pores clean and breathable

- Non Scented which is also good for sensitive skin user or younger age skin user.

- Don't have to bring lots bottles for travel or work trip.

Way of using:

Method 1: Daily use as normal cleanser - Get sufficient amount (about 5 cents coin size) and add in some water, rub till bubbles out and cleanse on WET face, rinse with water once done.

Method 2: Removing light make up purposes -Get sufficient amount ( about 20 cents coin size),  direct apply on DRY face , gently massage by focusing on light make up face for 30 seconds then add in some water to massage again to clear those dirt, rinse with water once done.

(You may redo Method 1 if you think is needed when you have make up on)