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We want products of Leafganic group to be the family of the skin, and build a close relationship with the customers.
A family will always be a family, and we are the priceless treasures for the customers.


Skinroots, Malaysia is one of the brand which is occlusive owned by Leafganic Group.
Our story began in year 2013. Back then, the founder and the co-founders were separately involved in different skincare, beauty and health related industries.

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Rich with natural plant based skin beneficial extracts like cucumber, honey, mushroom, olive, witch hazel and etc good in pores tightening, improving acne or breakout skin. This cooling essence effectively purifies and minimises the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads, which caused by dirts and oil, make your skin magically clear and smooth.

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To enter into skin’s deeper layers to achieve a deep nourishing, regenerating and water locking effects by reducing the signs of scar tissues by stimulating the synthesis of collagen & elastic fibers. This is ideal for dry ageing, mature skin or skin with imbalance water and oil.

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