Twin packs Aqua Poreless Essence (C)


Model Twin packs aqua Poreless Essence (C)
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Notes: If you are having stubborn blackheads/pimples, recommending using 2 units for one treatment cycle. (Must use 2 times per day)

Rich with natural plant based skin beneficial extracts like Cucumber, Honey, Mushroom, Olive,

Japanese rose extracts and etc which are rich supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A, C and E

to improve the skin’s natural barrier function. Mushroom extracts also famous in pores tightening,

good for oily skin with or without acneic tendency while honey and cucumber are good for sensitive

skin users for soothing calming effect, keep the skin moisturized and soft. This poreless cooling

essence is effectively purifies and minimises the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads which

caused by dirts and oil, make your skin magically clear and smooth.


Apply it right after washing face, take proper amount apply gently T-zone or over face before

Toner and moisturiser.

Skin Condition:

Combination more to Oily Skin or Oily Skin: Using it twice a day daily

Combination Skin to Normal Skin: Using it once a day

Dry Skin: 3 times a week