Dual Action Oil Free Cleanser - 1 Unit (c)


Model Dual Action Oil Free Cleanser - 1 Unit
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Description of Product:

Suitable for: Most skin types & sensitive

Ideal for

Healthy-looking glow; Daily Use Purposes, Removing light make-up, sunscreen and impurities; Softening the skin 

Skin Roots Beauty regime concept: Deep Cleanse thoroughly in every single pores, absorbing nutrients and locking on natural-origin Skin foods.

Beautiful skin always comes from healthier roots – Skin Roots.

This oil-free dual-action transparent gel cleanser consisting of algae, cactus extracts, white snow fungus and some other superfoods for effectively removes any traces of sunscreen, light make-up and cleanses the skin of impurities in one quick step without any tugging and harshness. 

Utilizing a cocktail of skin superfoods, those minerals and anti-oxidants properties helps to revitalise the skin, pull water and feed skin with essential nutrients to help restore a fresh, healthy and luminous glow complexion without drying out the skin.

Net weight: 100 ml